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Orange T-Rex

Take a trip back in time to the prehistoric ages with this ANIA T-Rex featuring five points of...


Explore the high mountain ranges and bamboo forests with this happy little panda bear family. The...


Keep cool with these happy little ANIA penguins featuring articulated wings. Even though penguins...


Jump into the Jurassic sea with this ANIA Plesiosaur featuring five points of articulation. His...

Polar Bear

Explore the rugged arctic with this ANIA polar bear featuring an articulated head for realistic...

Prehistoric Adventure: Ankylosaurus, Ranger, Bridge and Volcano with Boulder

This prehistoric ANIA adventure includes a volcano with rolling boulder, rickety bridge, ranger...


Step back in time to the prehistoric ages with this ANIA Pteranodon featuring three points of...

Red Panda

Visit the Himalayan forests with this ANIA red panda. Featuring an articulated tail, and high...

Saber-Toothed Tiger

A prehistoric adventure is not complete without the ANIA Saber-Toothed Tiger accompanied by a...

Safari Adventure with White Lion

There are so many ways to play with the ANIA Safari Adventure Set. With slides, ladders, elevator,...

Safari Quest Value Pack: Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Chimpanzee and Watering Hole

An African safari quest is waiting for you in this ANIA value pack including a giraffe, rhinoceros...

Sea Lions

Get ready to explore the ocean with the ANIA sea lion and her baby. The parent sea lion features an...
Displaying 13 - 24 of 36

About Ania

Articulated Animals - each features 1-5 points of articulation: mouth, legs, wings, tail, fins, head or neck
Nature Themes –explore and collect animals from the arctic, ocean, grasslands and prehistoric ages
Inspiring Playsets – bring your animals to life with exciting playsets featuring adventure, action and sounds
Adventures in Motion - experience animal play in a whole new way!