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Get ready to stomp your way through the safari with the largest land mammal, the elephant...


Take a walk on the wild side with this ANIA silverback gorilla. With four poseable limbs, your...


Explore the African terrain with this ANIA hippopotamus featuring an articulated mouth for...


Adventures await in the Australian Outback with this ANIA kangaroo. She features articulated legs,...

Koala Bears

Experience the Land Down Under with this adorable ANIA parent and baby koala bear set. The mother...


Get ready to explore the safari grasslands with this ANIA lion! He features an articulated mouth so...


Explore the desert and hang out with this adorable pair of ANIA meerkats. Both feature articulated...


Explore the high mountain ranges and bamboo forests with this happy little panda bear family. The...

Red Panda

Visit the Himalayan forests with this ANIA red panda. Featuring an articulated tail, and high...

Safari Adventure with White Lion

There are so many ways to play with the ANIA Safari Adventure Set. With slides, ladders, elevator,...

Safari Quest Value Pack: Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Chimpanzee and Watering Hole

An African safari quest is waiting for you in this ANIA value pack including a giraffe, rhinoceros...


Experience the forest and grasslands with the largest cat species in the world--the tiger! He...
Displaying 1 - 12 of 15

About Ania

Articulated Animals - each features 1-5 points of articulation: mouth, legs, wings, tail, fins, head or neck
Nature Themes –explore and collect animals from the arctic, ocean, grasslands and prehistoric ages
Inspiring Playsets – bring your animals to life with exciting playsets featuring adventure, action and sounds
Adventures in Motion - experience animal play in a whole new way!