Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between the two is that the Original Bundleme has a cozy, Thermaplush outer shell while the Urban Bundleme has a weather resistant nylon shell. The Urban Bundleme also has a hidden pocket on the top panel that can hold pacifiers, a phone, a small toy or any other items you want to keep within arm's reach. The Original Bundleme and the Urban Bundleme are both intended to be used in place of a coat or snow suit in cold winter conditions. They have the same function and are intended to be used in comparable temperature ranges.

The infant Bundleme is designed for children up to 21 pounds or 1 year and is 26 inches long. The toddler Bundleme is for kids 1-3 years old and is 35 inches long. The harness slots on the back of both sizes are the same, so technically they would both work in either an infant or a toddler seat. However, as the toddler size is so much bigger, we do not recommend its use in an infant seat.

The JJ Cole Body Support has been fully tested and meets all applicable physical, mechanical, chemical, and flammability requirements. Beyond that, every car seat manufacturer has different stipulations regarding the use of after-market accessories. Please consult your car seat manual or contact the manufacturer directly for further information.

Safety of our consumers is a top priority for TOMY. Please click here to view any product recalls.

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As of October 15, 2017, The First Years Multiple Birth Program has been suspended. We thank everyone for their participation through the years and are honored to have been a brand parents of multiples can rely on. We hope you will continue to turn to The First Years for the gear you need to get through the infant and toddler years. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to take advantage of special insider promotions and sampling programs.

KiiPix requires FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film.

No, FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film needs to be purchased separately. 

FUJIFILM Instax mini film prints are wallet sized, 3.4 inches x 2.1 inches.

No, no batteries or cords are required.

Yes. KiiPix works with phones protected by premium glass screen covers. Lower quality screen protectors can affect print quality. Best results are achieved with no screen protector.

Turn screen lock on to prevent screen rotation and turn off auto-lock settings. Turn phone to airplane mode or “do not disturb” when printing to ensure a call or notification does not come through.

KiiPix will work with any phone that fits on the frame. Phones that have a smaller screen size than the KiiPix print area will have black areas where there is no image to print.

Check that your phone's brightness is set to maximum. Try increasing the brightness and contrast of the picture. Ensure you print your image with one press of the shutter button and turn dial quickly without interruption. Try keeping the print face down when it first comes out to reduce the possibility of over-exposure. If white lines appear they will normally disappear between 20 minutes and 2 hours as the photo continues to develop.

Check to make sure you have not run out of film. On the reverse side of KiiPix is a small number window that shows how many prints are left. If the dial shows “S” you have run out of prints and will need to replace the cartridge. Turn the dial clockwise until you feel a “bump”. Turn only until the film is released. Try turning the dial while holding the KiiPix directly in your hands instead of on a table. This will give you more space to rotate the dial.