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Little Grip Rattle Bunny

This bunny is packed with features that will prompt play and promote development..

Shine-a-Light Freddie Book

A soft book with peekaboo flaps, crinkles, and bright colors. Follow Freddie the Firefly...

Bella the Bunny Rattle

Shake Bella the Bunny Rattle and all sorts of surprises start to bounce around...

Purring Percival

The purr-fect companion for your baby! Purring Percival is an activity toy designed to captivate...

Night Night Owl

Night Night Owl will soothe baby with her color changing nightlight and gentle melodies. Soft and...

Symphony Oscar

Symphony Oscar is ready to conduct all kinds of magical melodies - but needs your help. He'll play...

Listen and Match Storytime

Help Yo Ho Horace find his hat! Turn each page and your baby will discover soft, textured and...

Cheery Chimes Bunny

Cheery Chimes Bunny from Lamaze makes every day a hoppy day...

Squeezy Donkey's Birthday Surprise

"Birthday Surprise" the Lamaze Squeezy Donkey soft book, featuring Lamaze favorite Squeezy Donkey,...

Tilly Twinklewings Discovery Book

Join Tilly Twinklewings and discover a typical day in the life of a unicorn as you fly through...
Displaying 37 - 46 of 46