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What is Chuggington?

Chuggington is an exciting, animated TV series for preschoolers. Follow the humorous adventures of three young trainees - Wilson, Koko and Brewster - as they learn to ride the rails of life. Each traintastic episode has entertainment and enjoyment at its heart, but embedded within each story are also positive life lessons that will promote social-emotional development and school readiness skills.

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As the trainees complete their daily tasks and practice their skills, they learn lessons of timeless value such as being a good friend, believing in yourself, and why telling the truth always works out best. During their adventures, they interact with a host of railway friends, from the oldest puffing steam engine to the latest sleek bullet train, all of whom guide and encourage the trainees as they sharpen their skills.

The series has quickly become a hit around the world, airing in over 175 countries and translated into 26 languages.

Why is Chuggington good for my preschooler?

The trainees' experiences echo those of preschoolers as they learn by play, example, and practice. Characters learn the value of friendship and teamwork, listening carefully, completing tasks, resolving conflict, and many similar important life values and lessons. Chuggington's positive and upbeat style keeps kids' attention, and when children are more engaged, they're more likely to learn.

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The trainees' experiences echo those of preschoolers as they learn by play, example, and practice. Likewise, older and wiser engines (called chuggers) are often around to provide guidance and encouragement, just like real life parents and caregivers.

Chuggers learn the value of loyal friendship, telling the truth, listening carefully, persisting under adversity, completing tasks, resolving conflict without violence, and many similar important life values.

The chuggers have real-life emotional strengths and weaknesses, too. Through all their adventures, they strive to use their strengths for the good of the community and to deal effectively but realistically with their personal foibles. Much of the time, such dealing involves good humor and personal understanding.

The series has quickly become a hit around the world, airing in over 175 countries and translated into 26 languages.

Parent Testimonials

Kids aren't the only ones who love Chuggington - parents are giving the TV show rave reviews for the fun stories and educational value. See what parents had to say about the benefits of Chuggington.

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Real Parent Testimonials

"My 2 year old loves trains and Chuggington has always been his favorite! I have to admit, I love to watch Chuggington too and see what the trainees are up to and to see what great lesson they're going to teach my son."

Sarah, Mom

"We love Chuggington! So cute and it teaches important messages in a way that my soon-to-be 4 year old can relate to."

Gail, Mom

"My son is almost four and has therapy twice a week due to a speech delay. He loves trains and his therapist has been able to incorporate Chuggington trains into his therapy both using the show and the toys. I feel that has been a big part of the improvement I have seen in him."

Cara, Mom

"My 18 month old grandson loves watching Chuggington on Disney. It is his favorite show, when it comes on he stops whatever he's doing and watches intently. I love the lessons it teaches the little ones. To work hard, do your part and when accidents or mistakes happen, take care of them, don't run away from it. Thank you very much for what you are bringing to our little minds to learn and be better citizens in this world. Not only the lessons, but the entertainment is first rate."

Carol, Grandmother

"From the moment the Chuggington theme tune starts, both of my children are out of their seats and clapping and dancing around the room. The bright colors and sweet faces of these trains, coupled with the great messages the episodes portray, make it the perfect show for my children. And I have to admit, I find myself singing the theme tune from time to time."

Claire, Mom>

"Chuggington is a fun, exciting, futuristic show that helps my son understand the value of teamwork and focus. We love playing with the trains and watching the adventures on TV! The world of Chuggington is bright, bold and full of fun which captures my son's imagination. The trains are positive and motivated to work together and overcome obstacles while retaining their individual characters and personalities. I like the example it sets for my son, and he likes the variety of trains, including flying Action Chugger and Frostini the Ice Cream train!"

Kelley, Mom

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